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MAUREEN E. SMITH,  Certified Intuitive Visionary Coach 

Are you the creator, artist and master of your own life? Are you creating your best life now or  is something stoping you from reaching your destiny now?  Intuitive Coaching sessions can help you discover the underlining meaning for any event in your life, discover barriers to your success, so you can identify where you are on your path and what  you need to do next to move  towards growth.  The principles can apply to any area of your life, including relationships, family, career, health, finances, dreams and goals.

The InVision Process will help you to reach deep into your sub-conscious, and imagination,  where you can unlock the keys to discover your maximum potential.  The results are also very quick!

Applying the principles of Collete Baron Reid’s Book,  “THE MAP” ,  you  will learn to discover where you are currently at in your state of mind, where you are going, and how you can best get there, depending on which voice you are listening to inside. It is an integrative transformative process to facilitate entering a state of neutral observation, to connect with your Inner Observer… the source of neutrality and higher knowing.

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